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What Is Transcure

Transcure is a Medical Billing Company making the life of healthcare service providers easy to a level of amenity. We are not just a third party, providing only medical billing to you. We ensure your confidence and act like a joining piece between healthcare professionals, patient, and insurance companies. We make sure that no claim goes unpaid and our clients never face a single denial. You can focus entirely on your patients and their treatment and we will manage your finances for you. We will liberate you from using many different applications for data management and insurance clearance. Shake hands with us and get the most powerful, transparent, and accurate medical billing solution.

Transcure Experience, Technology and Expertise:

We make efforts to provide you with one and only solution incorporating all your business needs and requirements. In-fact, first thing we do for our clients is analyzing their standard operating procedures and then we can devise the most suitable medical billing solution for them.

  • Decades of medical billing experience
  • Modern technology medical solutions
  • Skilled, cooperative & trained team

Revenue increase in the 1st year

Improved Collecions

Reduction in days in accounts receivable

First-pass clean claims submission

Ensuring Quality & High-Level Precision Transcure

We strive to attain extreme quality which could be now considered as our trademark. There is no benefit of obtaining billing services if you are not getting the level of precision demanded and accuracy expected. Our clients always come first for us and we will truly be working as your representor. You will surely get paid the highest insurance allowed in the minimum amount of time.

Perks of Choosing Services by Transcure

Transcure is providing medical billing and its related services for decades

  • Links already established to many insurance providers
  • Experience of handling a variety of billing issues
  • Knowledge of dealing with denied & unpaid claims
  • Outlining loopholes in business for maximum outcome
  • Daily reporting containing summary of all claims