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Checking the coverage areas of insurance and patient’s eligibility is as much important as providing medical healthcare services but it is quite a headache for non-technical people. We are dealing with several types of insurances categories and insurance companies for decades and know the rightful complete pathway for verification and eligibility assessment of a patient’s insurance. It will reduce the rate of unpaid and unresolved claims ultimately allowing you to grow. If you know the complete details of insurance before hands, you can select treatment and expenses according to it. Whole process is automated now and if we need any additional information, we will call and verify it.

Increasing Revenue & Avoiding Non-Payments With Transcure

Revenue is most important thing in any business and we are here to increase it by streamlining all of your processes. It would be beneficial to know that how much time will be taken to resolve a claim we submitted.

  • No claim will go unpaid and unresolved
  • Confirmation of insurance coverage type
  • Medical revenue increment will be smooth

Transcure Process of Patients Eligibility Verification

Many steps are involved in verifying a patient for a medical service. Patients benefits and eligibility verification by Transcure is legit and can be verified from insurance providers at any time.

  • Confirming patient’s appointment and health service
  • Contacting specific health insurance and credentialing
  • Identification of payable benefits from specific company
  • Identifying out-of-network insurance benefits

Customized Benefit Verification system With Transcure

We don’t just make a patient’s eligibility verification system and sell it out to our every client. First of all, we study the nature of medical services provided by our client and then search out for the insurance companies related to it. You will be handed down a very customized benefit verification system incorporating your field area. Customized solution will be made after discussion and consultation.