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Transcure provides medical billing services with complete transparency from bottom till top processes. To ensure this, we display all the related information containing total claims in a day, overall claims submitted in one month, number of claims denied or have issues with and the amount of total revenue generated. Your dashboard will be as explanatory and comprehensive as possible, and you will not find any difficulty in understanding any section. Moreover, we will also provide you and your whole staff with our free medical billing training to ensure that we both are on the same page. We don’t hide any process and you will be notified if we change our online system at any time.

Transcure 24/7 Reports Availability

We know that how much daily, weekly, and monthly reports are important to you and your business. So, we provide complete transparency here. You have access to all the files and reports whether you access them in office hours or at 03:00 am in the morning.

  • Easy access to all important files
  • Reports that are ready for download
  • Data of previous month is accessible

Billing Specialty of Transcure

We provide complete transparency of data, reports, revenue, and processes throughout the experience of our medical billing, medical transcription, and consultancy solutions.

  • Transparent and easy to understand reporting
  • Creative ways of analyzing daily insurance data
  • Graphical representation of progress made
  • Complete guidance to move in right direction

Transcure Device Independence & Integrity

To ensure transparency, we have not limited our solution to any particular devices. Yes, it is true that your staff must enter claims and patient information using a computer, but this restriction is only to increase ease of use. You can get medical transcription services on your cell phone, all you have to do is install the setup and enter your credentials. All of your data will be available on your favorite device.