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There are many issues requiring expert consultation in order to move forward in a strategic way. To progress, it is necessary to assess our own performance, revenue generation process, standard operating procedures, and work flows. Finding problems in one’s own solution is bit difficult, so we, at Transcure analyze your work flows for you which include finding revenue leakages, risk identification and suggestions to move further. Acquiring consultancy services is quite easy with us as we start working right after the contract as we know that delayed issue is a forgettable cause.

Transcure Defining a Roadmap to Success

Our medical consultancy services define a roadmap and metrices for a first-hand assessment.

  • Analyzing current procedures and workflows
  • Finding areas causing hinderance to success
  • Full risk-identification from base till top
  • Delivering knowledge of current med-procedures
  • Handling issues faced during medical sol. interaction

Transcure Continuous Assessment & Coaching

When Transcure provides medical consultancy services to a client, we take full responsibility and ensure success. Failure is not an option for us and loss will never be incurred. To fulfill our common goals, we are available 24/7 and you can discuss problem areas whenever you want. You will be provided with a technical solution for recording your daily activities and contacting with us. We will provide its coaching and guidance to you completely free of cost.

Transcure Experienced Guidance from Physicians

We have a panel of 15 to 20 physicians, some of them having experience of even more than 20 years.
They will:

  • Guide you with their expert judgement
  • Tell you ways to increase your revenue
  • Assess quality of your healthcare provision
  • Help you act more professional & ethical
  • Streamline complete medical procedures

Medical Consultancy Services by Transcure

There are many perks of getting medical consultancy services from Transcure

  • Automated system measuring your performance
  • Real time analyzation of your daily tasks
  • Suggestions of improvement in current work
  • One on one meetings with expert physicians