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With the increase of health insurance companies and their packages, patient credentialing is now more important than ever. Hundreds of insurance companies are now providing healthcare benefits to vast medical areas. It is necessary to check what relevant insurance cover details before filing for the actual claim. Checking credentials would not only save from lot of work of generating and filing a claim but will also save you from loss. Now, credentialing services take 2 to 4 months for an individual to get authorized by multiple companies, that’s where Transcure come to rescue you with its incredible credentialing services.

Save Money and Time with Transcure

We, at Transcure work to minimize your problems and to do this, we provide credentialing along with Medical Billing Services. Physicians wait for around 4 months to get access of credentials by themselves, but we already have links to all big and small insurance companies providing health insurance to the people of USA.

  • We will contact insurance companies on your behalf
  • We will build good and professional relations with all big companies
  • We will Identify approved insurance in minutes

Access to All Company Credentials with Transcure

It is difficult to keep track of all the health insurance companies working in USA with their changing rules of insurance coverage. But Transcure is a company in-touch with all the insurance companies for decades.
They will:

  • Discuss insurance terms not an issue
  • Ease accessing patient’s insurance records
  • Provide availability of full health services
  • Beforehand underpayment claim resolution

No More Denied and Underpaid Claims with Transcure

Denied and underpaid claims are losses we try to eliminate and for this, acquiring credentialing is important. If you knew which companies provide what type of insurance, there will be a very little chances that your filed claim gets denied. Underpayment is also an issue when you are dealing with several insurances at the same time, but with our foolproof automated credentialing system, claims can never go wrong.