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Patient ask many questions about appointment, medical services, and insurance claims to the hospital’s staff but mostly the workers are unable to answer all of the questions. Sometime patients need someone on their side to tell them how much money having healthcare services assessment can cost them. Transcure not only responds to each and every query of your patient but also tries to build your professional trust in them. Guiding them correctly is the most important way to do so. Your patients can call us for appoint scheduling, appointment timing issues, insurance coverage questions and following up claims and we will guide them completely on your behalf.

Transcure Building Patient’s Trust in our Services

Patients only visit their trusted doctor and reputation building is the key for this trust. We respond to all of patient’s calls and if they call in off hours, they will get a call back from us.

  • Explaining the medical services, you provide
  • Telling them how much their insurance cover
  • Showing that they and physician are on same side
  • Dealing with any query they have about claims

Transcure Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

It is necessary to keep medical healthcare service providers and the patients on the same page so that there is a mutual sense of understanding and cooperation between them. There might be some confusions about:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling of appointments
  • Role of insurance companies in healthcare services
  • Number and types of medical services provided

Transcure Answering Patient Finances Questions

Handling finances is quite risky when you are dealing with more than one person like patient and insurance at the same time, but we have all the information required and can guide patients about it. Telling them that which of their insurance covers what medical facility is necessary and a part of trust building. In short, we will represent your facility in every way to help you succeed.