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Transcure Transcure is providing medical billing and consultancy services to many doctors, physicians, and healthcare experts for decades. We have an excellent track record of increasing revenue and collection up to 10% to 20% per month. This is our specialty that no one can challenge or beat, and the reason of Transcure’s success. We are proud to say that we lower the cost of billing and charge you much less than all other companies providing billing services. Our operational cost is even less than an in-house medical billing department you can host. Streamlining all your business is our priority which leads to identification of loopholes in your system.

Innovation is the Key to Success

We, at Transcure, continuously try to innovate things like daily process of credentialing patients from different insurance companies. We strive for the best possible solution with the most recent & modern IT and medical technology.

  • Complete performance analysis every month
  • Brainstorming for a better and modified solution
  • Research for new technology advancements

High Level Skills & Process Precision

Our medical billers, IT experts and the physicians giving you consultancy services are all highly skilled and have years of experience in related industry. They make sure that process is running smoothly.

  • Medical bills submitted as claims will be recovered
  • No one can argue our AR denial and follow up
  • Credentialing services are upgraded every 3 months
  • Guaranteed increase of revenue and collection

Transcure Functionality & Flexibility of Solution

We provide solutions to all types of physicians, whether they are working alone, have a clinic or run a multinational chain of hospitals. Our solution is for everyone and we can even customize it specially for you. We run thousands of test each month to ensure results of our system and to identify any bugs. Because of these measures, your collection and revenue will pile up while your cost will be cut down.