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All in One Platform

All-in-one Solution to Empower Providers

We offer all-in-one EHR to help you achieve a smooth-running practice, improve health outcomes, and boost revenue cycle process.

All-in-one EHR for Healthcare Providers

Medical billing and EHR go hand-in-hand to enable smooth exchange of information across various platforms. In addition, it provides a greater way of collaborating with other organizations to ensure better patient health. Healthcare practices can become more productive with EMR and practice management in place to avoid claim denials. Further, our HIPAA compliant products and services allow practices to manage the whole process of revenue cycle management. We follow the best practices to save your time, avoid hassle of billing, and effectively manage practice workflows.

All in One Platform
Electronic Prescribing


Electronic Labs


Complete Patient Summaries

Complete Patient

Comprehensive Dashboard


Integrated Patient Portal

Integrated Patient

ICD-10 Ready


Get High productivity with Trans Capture App

Charge Capturing app is a comprehensive solution for capturing patient information in the hospital setting. It helps in maintaining patient face sheets and document handling. Also, Trans Capture allows providers copy patient demographics instead of entering the data of same patients again. Get robust system with powerful features.

Measure Practice KPIs by Billing Dashboards

Our Billing Dashboards are specially designed to help independent practices to analyze the gaps between key benchmarks. Similarly, it analyzes the number of patients, reimbursed amount, forecast revenue, and improve efficiency. Stay ahead of your competition with intuitive billing dashboards.

Don't fight your crappy EMR anymore

We offer a truly integrated EMR for your specialty practice. Similarly, it provides specialty-specific dashboards and templates. The clear and user-friendly interface allows providers to schedule appointments to manage patient encounters seamlessly. Above all, Transcure EMR is customizable according to your practice needs.

EMR & Practice Management

Transcure enables practices to become financially successful in the modern healthcare industry. Our top-notch healthcare IT products and billing services optimize practice profitability. In addition, we help you stay ahead of your competition by maximizing overall collections to boost revenue generation. Our team is highly experienced in helping providers to streamline practice operations and attain seamless revenue cycle management. So, reach our practice management experts to get started immediately.

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Secure Information


Electronic Prescribing


Simplify Complex Procedures

Simplify Complex

Enhanced Usability of All-in-One EHR

Transcure EHR allows healthcare professionals the flexibility of adding more patients whenever they want. We provide a solution with usability for overall satisfaction of healthcare providers. The EHR seamlessly interacts with all types of devices and software applications. As a result, it helps practices to view and manage patient health without hassle.

All in One Platform

Medical Billing Services

Maximize collections, improve the bottom line, and address cash flow issues with our experienced medical billing team. Our billing solutions prevent claim denials and focus on avoiding revenue leakages to reduce the days in A/R. In addition, our feature-rich EMR in medical billing creates an efficient approach aimed at making fast-track billing processes. We submit clean claims with accurate billing and coding to eliminate revenue losses and make the most out of your practice. Take full advantage of Transcure medical billing services and improve financial and clinical outcomes.

Front Office Management

Front Office



More Profitable Practices

More Profitable

All in One Platform


Our Success in Numbers

200 M+ Value of claims processed
$ 1 M+
Value of claims processed
24 Accounts Receivable Days
Accounts Receivable Days
48 Hours Turn Around Time (TAT) icon
1 Hours
Turn Around Time (TAT)
Customer Retention
1 %
Customer Retention
Claims Processed icon
1 M
Number of Claims Processed
Clean Claims Rate
1 %
First Pass Clean Claims Rate
Revenue Improvement icon
5%- 5 %
Revenue Improvement
Reduction in A/R icon
1 %
Reduction in A/R

Patient Portal

Transcure is an all-in-one EHR with a comprehensive patient portal for healthcare providers. In addition, it helps you to update a patient’s health records, history, insurance details, and demographics. It also provides lab integration and online application scheduling systems to facilitate providers. The patient portal allows providers to easily share medical records with patients to keep a secure flow of information.

All in One Platform