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Complete Nephrology Practice Solution to Optimize Revenues

Manage detailed health information of your ESRD and
non-ESRD patients with Nephrolytx

Complete Nephrology Practice Solution to Optimize Revenues
Manage detailed health information of your ESRD and non-ESRD patients with Nephrolytx
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Maximize Revenue with Nephrology Practice Solution

Nephrolytx empowers providers offering nephrology services to both ESRD and non-ESRD patients. In addition, this tool is specifically designed to cater patients suffering from renal diseases and helps providers streamline practice procedures. Also, it provides comprehensive information based on charts and analytics to make better decisions about patient health. Further, Nephrolytx shows all the metrics related to your practice revenue and provides insightful information to providers. The tool is designed according to the needs of providers and acts as a complete physician solution.

Streamline Nephrology Practice with our Specialty Focused Software

Nephrolytx is designed according to the requirements of your nephrology practice and it provides advanced features for providers.


Interactive dashboards, details of both active and new patients, and detailed financial reporting for nephrology practice management.

Comprehensive Information

Each and every aspect of your nephrology practice can be easily managed with the help of Nephrolytx platform with maximum ease.

Comparison and Forecasting

The forecasting and comparisons of revenues based on the details of past 12 months help providers make wise business decisions.


Having detailed information on collections, you can implement effective strategies to enhance your practice performance significantly.

All-in-one Nephrology Practice Solution

Financial Dashboard

It provides the details of projected and actual collection, target and achievement, account receivables, and revenue forecast based on patient volume.

Patient Dashboard

This section shows the number of patients, patient analysis based on targets, and payments from the payers.


This section offers complete details on payments, aging summary, patient list, analysis by location, analysis by provider, and CPT wise analysis.

Financial Report

It shows charges and collections summary, reconciliations, patient deductible, performance report, analysis on procedure, productivity, and performance.

Improve Performance of Your Nephrology Practice

Our specialty-focused solution provides nephrology practice analytics to physicians. Similarly, it provides ways of optimizing the revenue cycle process. The insights on revenue forecasting enable nephrology practice to make intelligent decisions. Moreover, it helps to improve patient health and optimize collections simultaneously. Nephrolytx gives actionable insights to boost practice performance and improve profitability. Schedule a demo with our experts to learn more about our nephrology practice solution and how we empower your practice.

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