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We, at Transcure provide medical billing services of high quality, exact precision, and extreme accuracy. Our technology experts continue to research for more streamline and transparent method for filing a claim till its payment posted. We even provide assistance to our clients needing consultancy for their business standard procedures. We serve you to generate your revenue, cut down the losses of denied claims and help you in stepping up from a base level medical camp till a multi-national hospital chain.

Transcure Reliable and User Friendly EHR

Electronic Health Record (EHR) that we provide to our clients is very reliable, rebootable, and user friendly. Your employees will surely take no time in understanding it in our hassle-free training sessions. Our technical experts are just one call and one click away from you to ensure solution to all your medical billing problems.

Medical Billing Services by Transcure

We devise a perfect customized solution for each of our client needs. Generally, we provide services of:

  • Verifying a patient’s claim before filing it
  • Filing a patient’s claim for medical services
  • Claim submission to Insurance Companies
  • Following up each claim and reporting it
  • Managing claim denials and underpayment
  • Generating summary report at the end of day
  • Complete record of claims at the end of month

Transcure Free Client Guidance and Consultancy

If we are providing medical billing services to a client, we are obliged to guide and find flaws in current practice. Our experts will take their time monitoring your activities to resolve any issue faced during claim submission, insurance clearance or payment posting. We go beyond to suggest practices that are proven good over time.

Transcure Complete Finance & Claim Management

We know that trusting someone is hard, but we have earned it from all clients we are providing our services to. Financing is an issue when you have to deal with patient’s problems and then convince insurance company to pay for it. We suggest you take best care of medical care and let us handle the rest