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From Struggle to Success: How Our RPA Services Propelled MD TruCare to a 25% Growth in Revenue

MD TruCare, like many other practices, had a hard time with their billing. They had a lot of unpaid bills to deal with, and their claims were often rejected, which made it hard for them to move forward. The team was burdened with time-consuming billing tasks, diverting focus from critical patient care responsibilities. 

Transcure’s RPA implementation offered a beacon of hope. By seamlessly integrating robotic automation into MD TruCare’s billing processes, Transcure alleviated the burden of repetitive manual tasks.

How Our RPA Implementation Benefited MD TruCare

Transcure’s RPA implementation delivered a range of benefits across MD TruCare, including:

Maximized Efficiency: Experienced a 40% boost in operational efficiency.

Optimized Revenue: Enjoyed a 30% increase in overall collections.

Streamlined Processes: Witnessed an 88% reduction in denial rates.