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Find Revenue Optimized Neurology Billing Services with Transcure

  • Navigating the intricate landscape of the healthcare industry, Transcure emerges as your trusted ally in neurology billing services.
  • Experience the efficiency of Transcure – where accuracy and timeliness converge to secure rightful reimbursement.

Find Revenue Optimized Neurology Billing Services with Transcure

  • Navigating the intricate landscape of the healthcare industry, Transcure emerges as your trusted ally in neurology billing services.
  • Experience the efficiency of Transcure – where accuracy and timeliness converge to secure rightful reimbursement.

Get Comprehensive Neurology Billing Services

Our neurology billing and coding services are designed to meet the specific needs of your practice. From claim submission to payment posting, we handle every aspect of the billing cycle with precision.

Our team stays updated on the latest neurology coding regulations, ensuring accurate coding and compliance with industry standards. We cover an extensive list of CPT codes for various neurology procedures, ensuring comprehensive billing support:

CPT codes we cover for Neurology Procedures:

95812-95836: Routine Electroencephalography (EEG) Procedures
95851-95857: Range of Motion Testing
95905-95913: Nerve Conduction Tests
95954-95967: Special EEG Testing Procedures
96000-96004: Motion Analysis Procedures
96020-96020: Functional Brain Mapping


Our Neurology Billing Services

Accurate Coding

Accurate Coding

Our large number of certified coders specialize in neurology procedures, ensuring accurate coding that increases reimbursement rates and minimizes claim denials.

Claim Submission and Follow-up

Claim Submission and Follow-up

We guarantee a 99% accuracy rate in clean claim submissions through our RPA bots. Our follow-up process ensures timely reimbursement, reducing your accounts receivable days.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Our end-to-end revenue cycle management services optimize your practice’s financial performance, from patient registration to final payment.
Denial Management​

Denial Management

Transcure proactively addresses claim denials, identifying and resolving issues swiftly to minimize revenue loss, ensuring a streamlined and efficient healthcare billing process.

Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

Stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. Our team conducts regular audits to ensure your practice adheres to the latest neurology billing and coding guidelines.

Complimentary AR Recovery

Complimentary AR Recovery

Experience the advantage of a swift financial recovery with Transcure’s complimentary AR recovery service, ensuring that outstanding accounts are efficiently managed and resolved within just 24 days.

Our Success in Numbers

200 M+ Value of claims processed
$ 1 M+
Value of claims processed
24 Accounts Receivable Days
Accounts Receivable Days
48 Hours Turn Around Time (TAT) icon
1 Hours
Turn Around Time (TAT)
99 % Customer Retention icon
1 %
Customer Retention
Claims Processed icon
1 +
Number of Claims Processed
Clean Claims Rate
1 %
First Pass Clean Claims Rate
Revenue Improvement icon
4- 4 %
Revenue Improvement
Reduction in A/R icon
1 %
Reduction in A/R

Overcome Neurology Billing Challenges

In the dynamic landscape of neurology billing, billers often encounter challenges that can impact the efficiency and revenue of medical practices. At Transcure, we understand these hurdles and stand as your dedicated partner in overcoming them. Here is an overview of our expertise:

LCD Verification Excellence

Our proficient billers ensure meticulous verification of LCDs, preventing errors and enhancing the accuracy of your claims.

NCCI Tool Mastery

Overcoming the hurdle of insufficient knowledge about NCCI tools, Transcure’s experts ensure compliance and optimize your billing processes.

Efficient Eligibility Verification

Our insurance verification specialists prioritize eligibility verification before patient visits, eliminating oversights and ensuring a seamless workflow.

Thorough Progress Notes Reconciliation​

Our billers ensure meticulous reconciliation of progress notes, addressing a common pitfall and enhancing coding accuracy.

Precision in Claim Scrubbing​

Our experts use advanced techniques for accurate claim scrubbing, minimizing errors, and maximizing the likelihood of successful claims.

Up-to-date Coding Practices​

Say goodbye to revenue-hindering claim denials. Transcure guarantees the use of the latest coding practices, preventing errors stemming from outdated codebooks or incorrect code entries.

Neurology Billing Challenges

We are adept at using these EHRs

The experts at Transcure are well-versed with the features
and workflows of your EHR system.

Assisting Healthcare Organizations to Flourish

Satisfied Providers are our Testaments


Jackie Judd

Practice Manager
Wilson Creek Internal Medicine

Quotation mark

As a practice manager, I was looking to streamline the medical billing process. I tried other companies, but they were all complicated and took too much of my time. Fortunately, I found Transcure. They excel in tailoring solutions to fit my requirements.

Amber Vaughan

Amber Vaughan

Office Manager
Idaho Kidney & Hypertension Institute

Quotation mark

We are a large practice with 15 providers. Transcure has been working with us for the last 5 years. This billing company has been a great asset to us. I work with Transcure and they provide everything I ask for. The team is friendly and very pleasant to work with.

Ashlee Rose

Ashlee Rose

Practice Manager
Harding Memorial Healthcare

Quotation mark

We’ve been working with Transcure for 8 years now and I just wanted to say how happy we are with their services. They always get back to us quickly and are very easy to work with. They get my bills paid in record time and help us to generate millions in revenue.

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