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Easy and Customized RCM Outsourcing Solution

Handling revenue cycle operations while running a healthcare practice can be tricky. Transcure provides an easy solution, taking the pesky tasks of medical billing off your hands. In addition, you can track your productivity, at both department and individual level, using our workflow management expertise. So, save yourself the hassle of setting up an in-house team and transfer your revenue cycle operations to our expert medical billing team.

A Well-Curated RCM Team

We have experts for medical billing, coding, reimbursement, A/R, denial management, and other RCM operations. Get in touch to customize an RCM team to your liking.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Our 24/7 expert team will be at your disposal. Contact our team members at any hour and you will receive optimal support.

Steady Percentage Cut

Dealing with constantly changing prices can be difficult. Transcure charges only a small percentage of your healthcare collections.

Fixed Rates

Transcure RCM outsourcing comes at an economical price point. You can leverage on our low-cost RCM services without the stress of overcharging.

Optimum Value for Money

From medical billing to denial management, get the most out of our revenue cycle healthcare services at an affordable rate.

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Co-Managed RCM Process

Discussion of the RCM process in detail

Responsibility Division

Efficient reporting mechanism

Making service level agreement

Why Co-Managed RCM Outsourcing is the Best Solution?

Key Challenges

Lack of clear communication between billing company and your in-house staff

Bearing expenses of an in-house billing team

Validation of the Reports

Streamline practice processes for efficient RCM cycle

Process of Approval

Communication hurdles between remote team and your billing department


Reduce claim denials

Lesser days in AR

Seamless workflow

Gain control of RCM process

Pay only for the revenue you achieve

Collaboration of your staff and our billing team

Overall process improvement

Our Success in Numbers

$ 0 M+
Value of claims processed in 2021
1 %
Total Revenue Collected
Accounts Receivable Days
1 Hours
Turn Around Time (TAT)
1 Days
Turn Around Time for Payment
Number of Claims Processed
1 %
Customer Retention
1 %
First Pass Clean Claims Rate
4- 4 %
Revenue Improvement
1 %
Reduction in A/R

Responsibility Matrix


Patient Eligibility Verification


Coding Audit

Charges Scrubbing

Payment Posting

Denial Capture

Denial Analysis

AR Management

Inhouse Billing Team

Patient Sehedule

Signed Patient Charts

Coding Review

Charge Submission

Payment Audit

Denial Verification

Denial Re-Submission

Claims Re-Submission Queries

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