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ICANotes Revenue Cycle Management with Experts

The ICANotes revenue cycle management specialists improve the clinical and financial outcomes of medical practices.

ICANotes Revenue Cycle Management with Experts
The ICANotes revenue cycle management specialists improve the clinical and financial outcomes of medical practices.
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Boost Financial Growth with ICANotes RCM Services

Enhance cash flow and boost the rate of reimbursements with ICANotes revenue cycle management support.

Outstanding Financial Performance with ICANotes RCM Support

With the help of ICANotes revenue cycle management, medical practices can effectively maximize payments. Likewise, ICANotes RCM services improve overall practice performance by reducing the stress of revenue losses. Transcure enables providers to:

ICANotes EMR Billing Process

Our revenue cycle management experts create a positive impact on the billing and coding process.

Patient Eligibility AR Calling Appointment Scheduling 24 Hours Billing Medical Coding Denial Management Claims Information EOB Posting Claims Creation Clearing House Claim Scrubbing Claims Transmission
PatientEligibility ARCalling AppointmentScheduling 24 HoursBilling MedicalCoding DanielManagement ClaimsInformation EOBPosting ClaimsCreation ClearingHouse ClaimScrubbing ClaimsTransmission
ARCalling 24 HoursBilling ClaimScrubbing DenialManagement PatientEligibility MedicalCoding ClaimsInformation EOBPosting ClearingHouse ClaimsTransmission ClaimsCreation AppointmentScheduling

Our Success in Numbers

$ 0 M+
Value of claims processed in 2021
1 %
Total Revenue Collected
Accounts Receivable Days
1 Hours
Turn Around Time (TAT)
1 Days
Turn Around Time for Payment
Number of Claims Processed
1 %
Customer Retention
1 %
First Pass Clean Claims Rate
4- 4 %
Revenue Improvement
1 %
Reduction in A/R

Affordable ICANotes Revenue Cycle Management

$1,200/ per month

We are well aware of the workflows of your EHR solution.

Patients’ Eligibility

Claims Creation

Following-up claims

EOBs and ERAs

AR Management

$1,400/ per month
Our team is knowledgeable about your EHR software.

ICD 10 Coding Expert

AR & Denial Analysis

Coding Analyst

Billing Auditor

Claim Management

$1,600/ per month

We help you achieve seamless RCM process with your EHR.

Team Co-ordinator

RCM Team Lead

Revenue Auditor

Denial & AR Manager

EDI & ERA automation

All-In-One RCM

3% to 6% of Monthly Collections

Full cycle revenue cycle management for healthcare providers

Eligibility Verification

Medical Coding

Claims Creation

Clearing House

EOB Posting

Denial Management

AR Calling

Greater Operational Efficiency with ICANotes RCM Support

Making the practice operations efficient can help providers to streamline workflows and achieve a high-performing revenue cycle. In addition, the billing and coding accuracy reduces potential risks of losing revenue. Similarly, our ICANotes revenue cycle management assists providers to earn more and focus on patient care. As a result, it increases patient retention and amplifies overall collection rate. We help ICANotes users to:

epic ehr solutions

Manage revenue cycle process efficiently with ICANotes EMR

Let us manage your RCM process to improve the productivity and boost financial performance.

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Transcure’s Advantage

Our team knows the workflows of ICANotes EHR and offer round-the-clock support to providers.

Helping healthcare organizations thrive

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Maximize your revenue potential with our 24/7 medical billing services.

EHR's billing process

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards.

$2,000 with our free RCM audit

$2,000 with our free RCM audit. Get insights based on 21 various KPIs to enhance cash flow.