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24/7 Medical Billing and Collection
24/7 Medical Billing and Collection

Work With 24/7 Billing Company!

Work With 24/7 Billing Company!
Reduce Revenue Losses and Enhance Financial Performance with Transcure's 24/7 Medical Billing Services.
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Round-the-Clock Medical Billing Services

Selecting the best EMR vendor for your medical practice is a challenging task. Similarly, the most important concern is to get the EHR which suits your needs. Transcure has a team of medical billing specialists who can handle and manage different EMR systems. Further, our medical billing and EMR support enables healthcare providers of every specialty to enhance revenue generation. So, reach out to our experts to leverage the benefits of efficient management of EMR systems.

EHR/EMR Proficiency

Streamlining the revenue cycle process is a major component of successful medical practice. In addition, we make sure that healthcare providers get paid for every service they provide to the patients. This is possible with an efficient medical billing and coding process which leads to a high-performing revenue cycle process. Also, getting faster reimbursements lead to higher ROIs and increase the practice productivity.

epic ehr solutions

Accounts Receivable Team

Transcure has a dedicated team of AR callers who keep track of pending claims. In addition, we keep following up with insurance payers to get reimbursements on time. Similarly, healthcare practices should get fully paid for all the pending claims. As a result, it reduces the claim processing time and helps to achieve faster payments. So, we address the problem of claim denials and the medical billing specialists resolve the matter in 24 hours. What is the best part?

Optimize the rate of collections

Effective denial management

Patient Eligibility and Benefits Verification

The revenue cycle experts at Transcure work proactively and gather all the important information of the patient eligibility before the visit. Similarly, it saves the time of providers and prevents inaccurate claim submissions. Also, we make sure that information regarding patient’s insurance is complete, it contains the following information:

Insurance eligibility

Procedure eligibility



Accurate and Clean Coding

The certified medical billing and coding team has complete knowledge of the specialty-specific codes and submit clean claims. In addition, we make sure that all the CPT codes are ICD-10 ready and submitted with correct modifiers. Also, the claim scrubbing team ensures that the transmission of claims is highly accurate to prevent the chances of claim denials. Further, medical practices can manage the denials easily to avoid patient ineligibility, incorrect modifiers, and inaccurate billing codes. How do we help providers?   

99% clean claim submissions

Complete revenue recovery audit

Claim transmission within 24 hours

Prevent claim denials

Denial Management and EOB Posting

Our team takes 12 to 24 hours to post the EOBs / ERAs into your EMR. Also, we manage the denials specifically depending upon your medical practice. Transcure helps providers to:

Manage claim denials within 12 hours

Specialty focused claim submissions

Certified coding team to ensure accuracy

Revenue Maximization with Certified Billing and RCM Team

The revenue cycle management team consists of certified medical coders and billers to optimize practice revenues. Also, our end-to-end RCM services enable healthcare providers to obtain larger reimbursements. Go through the list of our services to know more about the process we follow:

Patients benefits and eligibility verification is done before the appointment to avoid incorrect claim submissions.

ICD-10 ready certified medical coders to submit error-free claims and prevent revenue losses substantially.

Creating and submitting clean claims and efficient claim scrubbing to avoid claim denials.

Transmission of claims to clearinghouse and insurance companies within 24 hours.

Effective denial management to boost practice revenues.

Consistent follow-up with the insurance companies to keep track of pending claims.

EOBs and ERAs posting.

Collecting the patients’ responsibilities via calls and emails.

24/7 medical billing services

Maximize your revenue potential with our 24/7 medical billing services.

EMR/EHR Support
EHR's billing process

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards.

EMR/EHR Support
EMR/EHR Support
$2,000 with our free RCM audit

Save $2,000 with our complimentary Billing Audit. Get insights based on 21 various KPIs to enhance cash flow.

EMR/EHR Support