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Applying ICD-10 Coding Principles to Nephrology Medical Billing6 min read

Nephrology Billing
Don’t forget to adhere to the standards since the ICD-10 codes to your nephrology billing, as criteria have grown more precise.


It has become mandatory to adhere to the standards since the ICD-10 codes first appeared in the healthcare sector. Because of its implications, adhering to the nephrology medical billing and coding criteria has grown more precise and complex.

The insurance companies have several requirements, including the ICD-10 nephrology billing and coding guidelines for submitting claims for nephrology medical services. To receive payment on schedule, correct billing is required, and to do this, all ICD-10, E&M, and CPT coding requirements must be followed.

Guidelines for Nephrology Billing and Nephrology Coding 

Regardless of your area of expertise, there may be times when you need to travel to different locations to provide medical services. Nephrologists are primarily responsible for this as they treat renal patients with severe diseases with dialysis and other treatments. They must keep the nephrology medical billing records up to date with each treatment whenever they see an outpatient.

Medical codes require doctors to document each interaction they have with patients. They must use a detailed nephrology coding list to record the diagnosis, treatment plan, disease, and the anticipated future course of therapy regardless of whether they are visiting for the first time, are admitted, or seek care from another physician.

Similarly, when nephrologists see a patient for therapy, they must be careful to document every interaction with the patient, making it difficult to bill and file claims for all of the routine treatment or dialysis they give patients.

Nephrologists must also adhere to a particular claim procedure for receivable accounts. Nephrologists can follow the features listed below to help them improve their claim process:

Making Sure of Eligibility

When filing a claim for services, you must have a thorough knowledge of the insurance provider, the plans and coverage they offer, and the patient’s credentials. The front desk office of a doctor’s healthcare facility must make a lot of effort to verify and obtain reliable information, which, if done correctly, can eventually lead to issues when filing claims.

Even if a patient chooses to pay cash because they have no insurance, they still need to gather information and offer payment options so that they can promptly refund them.

Nephrology billing offers on-boarded patients instant eligibility checks. This billing tool lets you quickly and easily check your insurance plan, co-pays, coverages, co-insurance plans, and previously used medical services. Also, the functionality makes it possible for the front desk staff to determine whether or not the patient is eligible for these treatments from the insurance carrier.

Electronic Submission of a Claim

Like any other medical professional, Nephrologists must submit claims for each patient independently, which takes time. They employ specific nephrology medical billing software to submit claims for dialysis services. Thanks to this software for billing dialysis services, nephrologists can submit claims for various types of dialysis at once. The software also enables them to submit claims based on the number of visits, the scope of the treatment, and the kind of insurance coverage.

Nephrologists can submit claims for all four patients with XYZ insurance in a single click for service reimbursement. For instance, if a practitioner sees four patients with level 20 nephrology symptoms covered by XYZ insurance.

The nephrology medical billing software’s single-click claiming solution cuts down on time spent on separate billing and eliminates the possibility of billing and claim filing errors that could lead to claim denials and rejections. This typically occurs when a nephrologist treats many chronic renal patients, and the rising patient load makes it difficult to offer the previously supplied services and appropriately bill them.

Identify RCM Gaps

In addition to using the software’s unique functions to speed up the nephrology medical billing and claim-submitting process or to instantly confirm their patients’ eligibility, nephrologists also value several other advantages.

It becomes much simpler to keep track of how long passes between the time the services are rendered and the claim submitted. This identification will make it easier to see the difference between claims that are offered and those that are paid.

By identifying mid-month and end-of-month billing patterns, this tool will give providers an idea of how to reduce the difference between the amounts paid by insurance payers and the amounts billed. Also, it allows you to assess the assertions you overlooked simultaneously.

Additionally, these capabilities assist medical professionals who wish to get the most out of software that enables them to bill and submit claims following best practices for reimbursement.

The nephrology-specific features offered by nephrology medical billing software include;

  1. Whether nephrologists are working, examining, consulting, or treating chronic kidney disorders, our software offers customized templates to improve the nephrology workflow. OR you are doing any other nephrology-related procedures.
  2. Thanks to advanced dialysis tracking, Nephrologists can track patient visits and treatments. They kindly remind you to submit the claims for goods and services rendered and the payment due.
  3. Patient portal – similar to other billing services, the nephrology billing patient portal gives patients access to their medical information, therapies, and appointment schedules. They may also keep track of their records and test results and receive surveys and messages that are HIPAA-compliant.
  4. Complete dialysis reporting – Keep track of the number of patient visits and note whether patients still require follow-up after four visits to deliver appropriate care.
  5. A mobile app is necessary because everyone can use their smartphones to stay in touch. Both patients and doctors can track the essential information with the help of a nephrology billing software tool.

Citations Needed for Billing and Coding in Nephrology

Providers must use specific codes with HIPAA compliance when invoicing and claiming for nephrology services, and failure to do so might result in rejection and fines. These non-compliance requirements apply to all insurance providers, whether privately or federally licensed, not just Medicare.

As a nephrologist, you must ensure that your office uses appropriate coding when invoicing to process your reimbursement promptly. Ensure your documentation is accurate and current and that you have submitted all necessary documents. The following is a list of the documentation you’ll need for appropriate invoicing in nephrology for your practice:

  1. The beginning of care records
  2. Laterality
  3. Site particularity
  4. The extent of the illness
  5. Codes for combinations (unspecified/specified)
  6. Symptomatology and aetiology
  7. The extent of the illness
  8. Any specific issue that could get worse

You must take into account a few factors for nephrology medical-specific billing in addition to these documents;

  1. When you meet a patient for any kidney condition, be sure to utilize codes to record all the pertinent information, but be careful not to overuse them on an undefined visit.
  2. Mentioning a patient’s additional illnesses or symptoms requires additional coding and modifiers. Use additional codes to support your diagnosis if you believe one or two codes do not adequately describe the ailment.

Keep checking for more details on nephrology coding and billing for different medical specialties and practices.

Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark
As a healthcare IT expert, I bring extensive experience in revenue cycle management (RCM), medical billing, and coding. I am passionate about simplifying complex healthcare processes and empowering providers with efficient solutions.



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