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Learn How to Save 30 Hours Every Week with eCW Health Portal?8 min read

ecw health portal
Save hours of administrative effort and focus on patient care by outsourcing your eCW health portal to experts at Transcure.

Do you think eCW health portal has made your life easy? No doubt it has, but what about the hours you are losing to the portal’s administrative tasks every week? An average provider and his in-house staff spend 40-50 hours every week on the eCW portal for appointment scheduling, patient registration, clinical documentation, and billing procedures. Which means you are spending 50% of your practice time daily on your EHR!

You can lower this percentage up to 40% and devote all your time to your prime purpose, which is patient care. If you want to learn how you can save 90% of your practice time, keep on reading! We are going to give you a golden strategy to prosper your practice while using eClinicalWorks EMR software.

The Burden of Managing the eCW Health Portal

While eCW health portal is a widely used EHR in the USA and saves hours of your manual effort every week yet managing it efficiently can still be time-consuming. The sheer volume of work can be overwhelming for providers and their in-house staff.

This is where outsourcing your eCW EMR to a professional medical billing company and RCM specialists can make a significant difference. They can save you and your in-house staff up to 30 hours per week with the help of their professional expertise. First of all, let’s break down how you and your staff spend time on eCW health portal;

Average Time Spent by a Physician’s In-House Staff on Key Tasks of eCW Portal

  1. Billing and Coding: 10-20 hours/week
  2. Claims Submission and Follow-up: 8-15 hours/week
  3. Denial Management: 5-10 hours/week
  4. Patient Inquiries and Billing Issues: 3-6 hours/week
  5. Accounts Receivable Recovery: 5-10 hours/week

In total, your in-house staff might spend approximately 31-61 hours per week on tasks related to the eCW health portal.

Average Time Physicians Spend on eCW Health Portal

Even with in-house staff support, physicians themselves spend considerable time on the eCW patient portal:

  1. Reviewing Patient Records: 5-10 hours/week
  2. Documenting Patient Encounters: 5-10 hours/week
  3. Prescription Management: 3-5 hours/week
  4. Communicating with Patients: 2-4 hours/week
  5. Coordinating with Other Healthcare Providers: 2-3 hours/week

Physicians might spend approximately 17-32 hours per week on tasks related to the eCW health portal. And if you are a sole practitioner, this time becomes doubled as in-house staff is not involved.

Now let’s discuss how professionals can take this burden off your shoulders and spare you plenty of time to easily devote to your patient care.

Why Do Professionals Spend Less Time on eCW Health Portal Compared to Providers? What Are the Differences?

eCW in medical billing and RCM services can dramatically reduce the time spent on all the eCW health portal tasks and allow providers to focus more on patient care and critical aspects of their practice. Here is the difference in how a professional saves you time with eCW EMR;

1. Medical Billing and Coding

Healthcare providers and in-house staff are required to accurately enter the correct codes and ensure claims are prepared for submission without any delay. This correct code entry in eCW EMR and timely submission require a provider and his office to stay updated with the continuously updating eCW portal, CPT codes, and CMS regulations. There is also another problem when it comes to manual input of codes and modifiers for special cases, as here the chance of entering wrong codes increases. Such a vigilant job is not possible for a provider and his office with a lot of other tasks to do, especially if they are engaged in providing value based care. So, this is a time-consuming task for them and is prone to errors, which can lead to delays and days of rework.

How Professionals Meet All These Requirements?

Professional medical billing companies employ certified medical billers who are experts in medical coding and stay updated on all the continuously evolving regulations. They handle eCW coding tasks efficiently, whether manual or automatic while reducing errors and ensuring claims are accurate before submission.

They also remain informed about all the USA payors’ claim submission deadlines and never let you face a delay. You can find such 1100+ medical billers and coders at Transcure who are all up to the mark to ensure time and cost-saving medical billing services for your practice. This is how, by outsourcing your eCW health portal, you can save 80-90% of your time spent on billing and coding, which means approximately 8-18 hours per week saved to spend on patient care.

2. Claim Submission and Follow Up

Most of the in-house staff has problems keeping up with the payor’s deadlines and frequent follow-ups on this task. Providers or staff prepare and submit claims on the eClinicalWorks software and spend additional time following up on unpaid or denied claims.

At times, problems like incorrect coding, incomplete patient information, system errors, duplicate claims, and inadequate denial management hinder your claim submission with eCW health portal. This process, whether manual or with eCW health portal, can be laborious and requires keen attention to detail in order to resolve all the major and minor problems that exist. Here, professional help becomes necessary.

How Professionals Beat the Complexities of Claim Submission with eCW?

Medical billing companies can save you up to 6.4-13.5 hours per week by employing dedicated teams that ensure timely claim submission and effective follow-up on unpaid claims with eCW health portal. Being trained at manually putting the right codes, they never let a wrong code ruin the submission process. They also employ high-end automated scrubbing tools to ensure correct patient information and avoid claim duplication, which is not possible for in-house office staff. This expertise saves your time and ensures the success of your revenue cycle.

Hire eClinicalWorks Billing Experts with TransCure!

3. Denial Management

Your staff typically spends 5-10 hours a week on denial management with eCW health portal in analyzing the reasons, correcting errors, and resubmitting the denied claims. This complex and time-consuming task actually eats up a major portion of your practice’s efficiency. It is because your staff doesn’t have the professional expertise to quickly identify the error in such a vast portal base and resolve it. They require special training to do so and meet the denial management promptly.

How Do Experts deal with eCW’s Denial Management Features?

By outsourcing your eCW medical billing to experts like those at TransCure, you can reduce this downtime up to 4-9 hours per week. Our expert billers are trained at eCW health portal and can quickly identify and correct issues leading to denials. They have a high success rate in overturning denied claims, with 5-10% revenue improvement.  

4. Accounts Receivable Recovery

While eCW offers some automation, many AR tasks still require manual intervention, such as verifying patient information and manually generating reports, which can slow down the recovery process. The eCW health portal has a complex user interface that can also be difficult to navigate sometimes, which leads to inefficiencies and delays in identifying and managing overdue accounts.

Also, the process of coordinating with patients and insurance companies through the eCW health portal can be fragmented, requiring multiple steps and often resulting in delays and missed follow-ups.

Outsourcing Companies Have AR Specialists to Save You Up to 4-9 Hours Per Week

Professional billing companies have teams that are well-versed in using the eCW health portal. They maximize the use of all available tools and features, ensuring efficient and effective AR recovery for your practice.

They use proven strategies and advanced software integrated with the eCW portal to promptly manage and recover overdue payments. They can automate reminders, follow up more rigorously, and negotiate payments, thereby improving cash flow and significantly reducing the time providers spend on collections. Their expertise can save you 4-9 hours per week and keeps you away from the continuous strain of AR recovery.

Let’s Reduce Your AR in eCW by 30% with TransCure!

Your Total Weekly Time Savings with Outsourcing Your eClinical EMR

Adding up the estimated time savings for different tasks:

  • Billing and Coding: 8-18 hours/week
  • Claims Submission and Follow-up: 6.4-13.5 hours/week
  • Denial Management: 4-9 hours/week
  • Patient Inquiries and Billing Issues: 2.4-5.4 hours/week
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Recovery: 4-9 hours/week


  • Total Time Saved Per Week: 24.8 – 54.9 hours/week

Annual Time Savings

  • Total Time Saved Per Year: 24.8 – 54.9 hours/week * 52 weeks/year = 1,290 – 2,854.8 hours/year


There is no doubt that eCW health portal saves hours of manual administrative tasks and paperwork, but at the same time, it requires continuous training and professional expertise to handle it efficiently. A provider’s ultimate task is to focus on patient care and improve its practice efficiency. With a keen focus on patient care, no provider or office can deal with the portal’s time-taking administrative tasks. So, it is recommended to outsource people who are experts and efficient in dealing with all the steps of patient scheduling and medical billing in eCW health portal. This collaboration with eCW specialized medical billing companies can provide a significant reduction in administrative burdens that leads to approximately 24 to 50 hours saved per week. Such efficiency not only boosts productivity but also contributes to a more effective and patient-focused healthcare environment while employing the powers of eCW EMR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is outsourcing your eCW health portal secure?

It is always advisable to contract with medical billing companies that take data security seriously and use comprehensive measures to safeguard your patient’s health information. Choose companies like Transcure that support the HIPAA requirements and use secure means of sharing the information electronically.

Can I outsource some eCW tasks and keep others in-house?

Absolutely! You can customize your outsourcing arrangement to fit your specific needs. Discuss your options with potential partners and choose the tasks that will yield the most significant benefit for your practice.

How much can I save by outsourcing eCW tasks?

Proven by experiments, outsourcing can save providers and staff 24.8 to 54.9 hours per week. This provides significant time savings that can be reinvested in patient care and practice growth.

Darren Straus
Darren Straus
Leverages expertise in RCM, medical billing, and coding to navigate the complexities of healthcare IT. I like to write about simplifying complex healthcare processes and empowering providers with efficient solutions.



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