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How to Ensure HIPAA Compliant Billing Process

According to the Data Breach Investigation Report of Verizon, 31% of the data breaches occur due to human errors. Medical practices of all sizes need to strictly comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, if the healthcare providers are unable to maintain compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations, it results in financial penalties. Similarly, HIPAA compliant medical billing helps healthcare practices to improve their revenue cycle process. Also, HIPAA compliance protects the Patient Health Information (PHI) and helps medical practices to maintain their business reputation.

Tips to Ensure HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing

Training of the Billing and Coding Staff

Medical billing companies should train their staff to make sure that everyone understands the importance of HIPAA compliance. In addition, the billing company should follow HIPAA compliant payment methods to ensure security. Similarly, accurate medical coding is essential to reduce the chances of claim denials.

Guard Against Ransomware Attacks

Cybersecurity is an important concern when it comes to the security of patient health information. Similarly, medical practices should opt for third party billing companies who focus on the confidentiality of patient information. Also, the medical billing companies should focus on building firewalls to guard the secure information from online hacks.

Limited Access and Control

The billing team should be given limited access to sensitive data of patients. For example, HIPAA compliant credit card processing should be in place to ensure safety of financial data. Similarly, the limited and controlled access helps to keep an eye on the patient health information. As a result, the risks of data leakage can be significantly minimized to reduce data theft.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

A regular HIPAA security risk assessment helps medical practices to ensure that they comply with the industry rules and regulations. In addition, healthcare providers should focus on HIPAA compliant payment methods and reduce the chances of security risks. Similarly, medical practices can work on creating an effective mechanism of risk assessment.

Make Wise Decision to Choose HIPAA Compliant Billing Company

Selecting a HIPAA compliant billing company helps practices secure patient health information and leave no room for ransomware attacks. In addition, healthcare practices need to make sure that they are in strict compliance to rules and regulations. From HIPAA compliant credit card processing to conducting security risk assessments, practices should focus on everything. Moreover, data leakage in patient information can lead to hefty penalties. So, connect with a HIPAA compliant billing company to decrease the chances of data leakages and secure patient health information.

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