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Workflow for Invoice Billing Process Via Epic Medical Software9 min read

Epic Medical Software
Epic medical software is a revolutionary approach to billing that integrates workflow and speeds up the proceedings of claims and reimbursements.

What is Epic Medical Software?

Epic medical software is a versatile billing software that can address the entire billing problems that practitioners are struggling with. Due to a lack of working strategies and false claims, most practitioners were left in the pit of A/R delays. Epic EMR is the most effective yet reliable medical billing software to eliminate the hustle of claim delays and denials.

This is the smartest billing tool that starts billing proceedings within 24 hours and comes up with better results within a few days. But wait here; we can’t ignore the proficiency of the role of specialized personnel. No matter what if your software has proficient knowledge in billing until the user of that software has professional knowledge about the intricacies of billing. Putting aside the expertise of man-force for a moment, let us look at how epic medical software can assist in medical billing procedures by using different steps.

Medical Billing With Epic Medical Software

Following are the most common steps of medical billing procedures where epic medical software plays in : 

Appointment Scheduling

The very first phase is scheduling appointments. Here an expert appointment setter will coordinate with the doctor in order to schedule the appointment easiest and most manageable way. Note that appointment proceedings can be done in the most streamlined way by using epic medical software handled by an expert appointment scheduler. You might need to integrate the combo to experience an effortless appointment-setting experience.

Patient Eligibility

Here at this step, the Epic medical software is not directly involved, but by fasting up the whole procedure and getting the billing process done in no time, it is ultimately sparing more room for patient eligibility verification

Medical Coding

The third and most important step of the medical billing procedure is medical coding. Coding can be done manually, but where epic medical billing software steps in the whole coding impact are automated and get more comprehensive, leading to a minimum denial rate and more incredible revenue growth. If we dip into the importance of coding, it is a specialization that assists insurance companies and providers in billing their patients correctly. 

Whenever a patient undergoes a medical procedure or receives a new diagnosis, the insurance company uses codes in order to determine what costs need to be charged to the patient. Besides being submitted for reimbursement to payers, the results are also used to assess utilization, manage risk, identify resource use, build actuarial tables, and support public health initiatives.

There are two basic types of medical codes that are commonly used during medical coding:

  • CPT Codes: These are the codes used for treatment procedures 
  • ICD-10 Codes: These are the codes used to encode the diseases

The utilization of wrong codes may lead you to bigger losses, while in the same plane, the application of accurate codes can maximize your reimbursement.

Claim Submission

Claim submission is the most tricky task that consists of three steps. Here are the following claim submission steps that can be more effectively done when medical billing software like epic medical software plays in.

Claims Information

The first step of medical claim submission is entering the whole information in Epic medical software. In the absence of software, this step will be done manually causing several expected errors to come in your billing cycle.

Claims Creation

The next step is the creation of an accurate claim that has no chance of getting a rejection. Well, in order to create such a claim,  you need to state a clear medical statement, including the correct medical billing code. Here in claim creation, you need to be specific about your technical details that will reduce the chance of claim refusal.

Claim Scrubbing

The purpose of claim scrubbing is to audit invoices before they are submitted to an insurance company. A medical claim screening process helps your practice identify potential flaws that might cause payers to deny claims. CPT codes are checked by claim scrubbers, whether they are humans or computers. If one digit is incorrect, a payer might dismiss your claim, which is why describing your services with five-digit figures is so important. In order to reduce the claims processing time, third-party tools offer claim scrubbing. As a result of the service, fewer claims are rejected because billing codes are detected and eliminated. If your billing company follows the claim scrubbing process, it can prevent future denials, which ultimately benefits your revenue cycle.

Submit an Error-Free Claim With Epic Medical Software

Clearing House

The clearing house is an authoritative sector of your billing company that will pass or reject. If your claim gets denied at this point, the whole procedure needs to get started from the very first step. In order to clarify your claim, there are several technicalities that epic medical software takes care of from the top of the process till the submission of a claim.

When you get an Epic EMR demo from one of our experts, he will let you know all the tactics that ensure to get clarification from the clearing house.

EOB Posting

After the completion of complete claim submission, the EOB posting is the next step. Epic medical software is a complete electronic medical record system that offers providers the necessary tools to submit electronic claims and encounter data. 

Therefore, it helps ease EOB posting by providing features to help providers manage their Encounter of Billing (EOB) submission process, such as automated EOB submission, EOB tracking, and tools to analyze their submitted claims. 

It allows providers to stay organized and up-to-date with their electronic claims and quickly submit new claims and encounter data. It also gives them access to reports and analytics that can be used to identify areas for improvement in their billing and claim submissions and helps them to reduce their administrative costs.

Denial Management

In case the claim gets rejected after the completion of the whole billing procedure seamlessly, the Epic medical software steps in there as it offers a feature of an electronic medical record system that can help with denial management. It can automate the process of tracking denials, create detailed reports to help identify trends, and automate sending appeals. It also follow the responses from payers and streamline the process of resubmitting denied claims. It can reduce the amount of time and effort required to manage denials, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

AR Calling

Epic EMR systems can be used to automate patient account reviews and send out reminders for payments, making it easier for A/R departments to keep track of accounts and follow up on any unpaid invoices. Additionally, Epic medical software systems can provide detailed patient information that makes it easier for A/R representatives to make personalized calls and tailor messages to the patient. This creates a more positive experience for the patient and increases the likelihood of successful payment collection. Additionally, Epic EMR systems can be used to identify trends in unpaid invoices, allowing A/R departments to anticipate issues and proactively address them.

Automate Reminders for Payments – Keep A/R on Track

24 Hour Billing

Epic EMR is a secure, cloud-based electronic medical record system that can be used to manage patient data. It also has a built-in feature that allows for 24-hour billing, which can be used to automatically generate and send out invoices and receipts to patients in a timely manner. This feature helps streamline the billing process, reducing the amount of time it takes to process payments. It also helps to ensure accuracy in billing and eliminates the need for manual data entry. This feature can help to improve patient satisfaction, as payments can be processed faster. Additionally, this 24-hour billing feature can help improve customer service, as well as increase accuracy and efficiency when it comes to processing Payments.

Why Choose Transcure for Epic Emr?

It’s no secret that Epic is the most widely used EHR software in the US, with around 35.9% market share. And you might be in love with this software but not satisfied with your service-providing company. If the scenario is the same, Trascure could be the safer option for you as it is one of the leading US companies that have excellent expertise in 15+ EMR/EHRs other than their own ear. Their experts have full-fledged theoretical and practical experience in Epic Medical billing software and are confident enough to show you live Epic EMR demos at no cost charge. Our Epic EMR demo is not only a simple presentation that is purely covering the benefits, but we remain transparent about the flaws of EMR and how our experts will deal with these challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Transcure Team

Is Epic an EMR or EHR?

Epic medical software is both EHR and EMR. It offers over 250 million patient records as cloud-based EHRs. On the other hand, its EHRs feature storing patient information electronically, including medical histories, diagnoses, drugs, immunization dates, and allergies, as well as digitalizing patient health information.

How can EMR Software Benefit my Practice?

EMR software can help improve patient care by allowing doctors to more easily access patient records, track treatments, and coordinate care with other healthcare providers. It can also help reduce paperwork, save time, and improve accuracy by automating administrative tasks and providing data-driven decision-making. Increasing patient-to-provider communication will free up physicians to spend more time caring for patients. They’ll spend less time manually charting patient encounters, writing prescriptions, and accessing patient histories.

Are Epic EMR Systems Certified for Meaningful use Stages 1 and 2?

Yes, Epic EMR is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) for both Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2. This means that the system meets all the requirements set out for these stages by ONC and is certified to be used in the Meaningful use program.

What Type of Specialties is Epic Medical Software Support?

Epic Medical Software is an ideal software for almost every specialty, including oncology, psychiatry, nephrology, podiatry, internal medicine, and much more.

Which Hospitals use Epic EMR Systems?

There are many hospitals using Epic EMR systems, including Cleveland Clinic, UC Davis Medical Center (in Sacramento), Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai Medical Center (in Los Angeles), and all Mayo Clinic campuses. The system facilitates communication between physicians and patients, thus improving their relationship.

Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark
As a healthcare IT expert, I bring extensive experience in revenue cycle management (RCM), medical billing, and coding. I am passionate about simplifying complex healthcare processes and empowering providers with efficient solutions.



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