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What’s a Patient Portal and How Can it Benefit Your Practice3 min read

EMR System
Learn how an EMR system-based patient portal can help your practice, streamline workflow, and result in a better clinical outcome.

While patient portals are patient-centric, practitioners can reap its benefits as well. Before diving into the benefits subject, we need to know what a patient portal is. A patient portal is an electronic medical record (EMR) system, a website for patients’ health care. This online portal helps patients keep track of their billings, treatment schedules, prescriptions and so much more. 

Many healthcare providers offer EHR medical software to their patients for a more customized experience. If you are a doctor, chances are that you’ve been suggested to have EHR software for your patients as well. 

If you think of this EMR system, an online platform from a patient’s perspective, they experience undeniable benefits. But since technology implementation can be expensive, as a provider, you have to ask yourself what’s in it for you.

Patient Portal Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Here are a bunch of benefits that would make you want to have a patient portal for your practice;

Effective Patient Communication

Patients can use the portal for billings and prescriptions, which would normally require a bunch of phone calls or doctor visits. Patients requesting appointments, prescription refills, and referrals through the portal, increase the efficiency of your medical staff. 

This allows the staff to focus on urgent cases with you as a provider, resulting in effective patient care and communication. 

Improved Clinical Outcome

Tasks like requesting referrals and prescription refills become a whole lot easier with an EMR system. And with greater patient compliance and patients following doctors’ orders thoroughly, the improved clinical outcome is inevitable. 

Better Doctor-Patient Relationship

Patients have 24/7 connection with their providers and access to electronic health records makes the rapport much better than ever. Having EMR software in place for your practice builds trust and better relationships with your patients for any minor or major procedure.

Optimized Workflow

Whether you have a small practice or a big one, dealing with patients and managing the workflow can be hectic. With an EMR system-based patient portal, every patient concern can be handled electronically. 

As a provider, when you give your patients online access, you’re saving your staff a lot of time. Your medical staff can be freed up from manual tasks like scheduling appointments, jotting down the refill needs of patients, and answering a bunch of questions about the referral process. 

One of the huge benefits of having a patient portal is reporting back-to-back lab results and taking important messages for the doctor. This entire workflow optimization ultimately makes the life of a physician easier, enabling a much better focus on patient care. 

Now, as a provider, you can understand the importance of a cloud-based patient portal and what it can do for your practice. Transcure, an award-winning medical billing company in the US, offers you its in-house EHR software – undertaking important clinical tasks for you daily. 
Enjoy the perks of effective doctor-patient communication, less manual labor, elimination of paperwork, and an optimized workflow for your practice, with Transcure. Book a demo now and get started today!

Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark
As a healthcare IT expert, I bring extensive experience in revenue cycle management (RCM), medical billing, and coding. I am passionate about simplifying complex healthcare processes and empowering providers with efficient solutions.



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