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Top 5 Medical Billing Companies in Texas

medical billing companies in texas
Top 5 medical billing companies in Texas to help you provide valued care with revenue cycle management! Learn to hire the best one for your practice.

Meeting with the payors’ deadlines and staying updated with the continuously changing CPT codes is a constant struggle for a provider and his practice. These challenges require regular staff training and efficient working in order to create a balance between patient care and administrative tasks. Such vigilance is not possible when your practice is operative in a state like Texas, where one has to deal with hundreds of patients daily. With such a huge number of patients to take care of, the burden of administrative responsibilities can make a practice lose millions of dollars yearly.

But there is a solution! Outsourcing to professionals from medical billing companies in Texas can help, so you can solely focus on patient care without having to worry about your revenue cycle management.

Why Outsourcing to Medical Billing Companies in Texas is a Necessity?

Medical billing and coding companies are of prime importance when it comes to the success of your revenue and value based care promotion. To learn about the importance of taking professional assistance in medical billing, let’s take a real time example.

MD TruCare, a psychiatry practice in Texas, was dealing with continuous slow revenue growth and rejected claims. With a large number of patients and a lot of administrative tasks, the practice was unable to focus on patient care. Incorrect coding, lack of billing experts, duplicate payment posting, delayed claim submissions, and no follow ups ballooned their AR to a huge backlog.

Taking into consideration all the faced challenges they took help from Transcure, one of the best medical billing companies in Texas. Their certified medical billers and coders integrated robotic process automation with MD TruCare’s billing process. These RPA bots took over the repetitive manual tasks, ensured correct coding, timely filed claim submissions, and followed up with denied claims.

As a result, MD TruCare observed a 25% fast AR turnaround time, a 30% increase in overall collections, an 88% reduction in denial rate, and a 40% increase in their operational efficiencies. By resolving its administrative burden, Transcure made them able to provide 100% patient care, with successful revenue growth. You can get more details about this case study here.

If your practice is also suffering from the same medical billing struggles or an unbalanced revenue cycle, you must get assistance from a professional medical billing company in Texas. This article shares the details of the top 5 medical billing companies in Texas and helps you choose the best one that suits your practice.

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Top 5 Medical Billing Companies in Texas

Texas is one of the states with the most medical billing companies in the US, with an estimated 262 businesses. Among them, there are the top 5 medical billing companies in Texas, which are listed below with their expertise in the field. This listing will help you find the best company for your practice.

1. Transcure

Transcure is the best among the rest when it comes to top medical billing and coding companies in Texas with its 1100+ medical coders and billers. This company makes itself a compelling option for practices with its comprehensive revenue cycle management and medical billing services. Transcure provides customized services for every size of practice. This company focuses on empowering hospitals, group practices, and solo practitioners alike.

Services Provided by Transcure;

1. Revenue Cycle Management

2. Practice Management Solutions

3. Medical Billing Services

4. Patient Benefits & Eligibility Verification

5. Credentialing Services with Your Desired Payors

6. Medical Billing Audit

7. Laboratory Billing Services

8. Automated Billing (RPA)

9. Billing services for 34+ EHRs & EMRs

10. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Revenue Status Reports

11. Consultation Services for New Practice RCM


1. Multi-Specialty EHR

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

3. Trans Capture App (Charge Capturing App)

4. Transcure Dashboard for Making Informed Decisions

What Distinguishes Transcure from Other Companies in Texas?

With over 12+ years of experience, Transcure stands out with its all-encompassing approach to RCM services, where it masterfully performs every step from patient registration to claim submission and reimbursement. If you are a practice that wants to enhance productivity with an optimized revenue stream and minimized cost, Transcure is the option! It is because their advanced EHR systems and intuitive RPA are just designed to enhance your productivity, cut costs, and streamline revenue management.

With their RPA bots, they guarantee 99% accuracy in claim submissions, accounts receivable recovery in just 24 days, and quick payments from payors within 26 days. Such an efficiency ensures a remarkable 20% guaranteed increase in your revenue with super-fast collections.

Moreover, if you are worried about your security, Transcure maintains the highest standards of security with their certifications by HIPAA, AICPA SOC 2, and ISO27001. This unwavering dedication to compliance and security ensures your peace of mind when you entrust your RCM to them. Along with compliance with regulations, their billers and coders are also well-versed in Texas law on unpaid medical bills, which saves you a lot when it comes to your unpaid medical bills from patients and payors.

Transcure’s comprehensive suite of solutions makes it the best choice for all small, large, and solo practices. The best part is that they offer services for 32+ specialties along with telehealth billing, which means your RCM will be looked after by a certified expert in your specialty. Such customization ensures there will be no coding or billing mistakes, whether CPT and ICT codes or CMS regulations are frequently changing.

With technical expertise, the company’s pricing model is also transparent, with no hidden charges, no upfront setup costs, free demos, and flexible agreements. All these expertise, specialties, and customer-centered approaches make Transcure the most trusted and go-to among all the other medical billing companies in Texas.

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2. Eminence Healthcare Services

Eminence Healthcare Services stands out as one of the premier medical billing companies in Texas. They offer a comprehensive set of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations in 30+ specialties. This company is certified by ISO/IEC 27001:2013 as it leverages advanced technology and industry expertise to provide innovative and comprehensive billing solutions.

Their services include;

1. Physician Billing Services

2. Oncology Billing

3. DMEPOS Services

4. HME Billing Services

5. Eligibility and Authorization Services

6. Accounts Receivable Services

7. Denial Management

8. 12 EHR Billing & RCM

Eminence Healthcare Service’s Excellency?

Eminence employs analytics-driven business approaches to optimize workflows, reduce errors, and lower denial rates for the provider’s revenue success. They strongly focus on customer service and best-in-class processes that help you consistently yield a good net collection percentage without spending a hefty operational cost.

The comprehensive understanding of medical billing regulations and protocols empowers their experts to enhance reimbursements for providers in Texas. Their proactive approach involves collaborating with established providers, groups, and nascent practices. After collaboration, they offer tailored solutions to cater to the specific needs of each client, and these approaches make them one of the best Texas medical billing companies.

What Sets Eminence Apart?

What makes Eminence Healthcare Services unique is its personalized approach to its clients’ needs. This medical billing company in Texas believes in building professional relationships that focus on the success of their clients. With their personalized approach and specialized financial and medical billing solutions, they ensure that healthcare facilities, FFQHCs, and surgical centers achieve financial independence.

Eminence’s dynamic team delves deep into your workflow issues and transforms complex data into actionable intelligence to uncover and resolve cash leaks. This process ultimately leads to instantaneous success for their clients and their top reputation in Texas. Their services are for both small and large practices, so for those looking for personalized solutions, Eminence Healthcare Services can be a solution.

While Eminence offers a range of services but they lack advanced technology to tackle a huge number of billing requirements at once. So, practices with a large number of claims to file daily should choose medical billing companies in Texas with RPA medical billing solutions. This is because RPA is a compulsory thing to tackle a large number of claims filed daily by avoiding repetitive tasks. It also saves extra money, which may be spent on manual services.

3. Storm Medical Billing

Storm Medical Billing is an independent, HIPAA-compliant medical billing company in Texas that stands among the top medical billing companies in Texas. Storm specializes in the behavioral billing sector and supports independent providers who are licensed therapists, mental health counselors, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists. They help independent healthcare providers in improving their financial performance with managed billing and claim processes.

Services Offered by Storm Medical Billing;

1. Electronic Insurance Claims: File and process insurance claims electronically.

2. Daily Data Entry: Maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records.

3. Unpaid Claims Follow-Up: Aggressively pursue unpaid claims to ensure timely reimbursement.

4. Claim Adjustments: File necessary adjustments to correct or update claims.

5. Secondary Insurance Claims: Handle filing for secondary insurance when applicable.

6. Explanation of Benefits (EOB): Provide clear explanations to providers or patients as needed.

7. Monthly Reports: Generate customized monthly reports for providers to track financial health.

Expertise of Storm Medical Billing!

Storm Medical billing’s expertise lies in the fact that they provide electronic insurance claim services, which reduces the risk of wrong submission to almost zero. Another factor is their specialized mental health medical billing. It is a company that specializes completely in all the billing regulations, CPT codes, ICT codes, and billing laws of mental health and can ensure zero mistakes in the whole process. Due to their expertise in psychiatry billing, they can also provide customized assistance according to your practice and make sure you are reimbursed correctly.

What Sets Storm Medical Billing Apart from Other Medical Billing Companies in Texas?

Storm’s trusted clientele lies in the fact that its owner, Carole Storm, personally deals with clients to emphasize the company’s personalized services. Carole himself oversees the onboarding of new clients, and his team ensures seamless transitions and addresses any backlog of claims already present. This personal approach ensures that clients receive dedicated support tailored to their specific needs and, hence, get peace of mind with RCM success.

The company also provides free 30-minute consultations to guide new private practice providers through the credentialing process so you can easily enlist with payors. On the other hand, Storm Medical Billing also ensures confidentiality and professionalism by adhering to strict HIPAA compliance rules. So, with Storm, you can rest assured that your data is protected with robust security measures.

While Storm Medical Billing excels in behavioral health billing, there is also a shortcoming, it may not offer the same breadth of services as larger, more diversified companies do. Their specialization, while a strength, might limit their appeal to practices outside the behavioral health field. Additionally, while they provide guidance on credentialing, they do not complete the process for clients.

4. Solutions for Medical Billing Inc. (SMB, Inc.)

SMB has been considered among the top 5 medical billing companies in Texas since 1997 for its specialty medical billing services. Along with billing expertise for other specialties, SMB particularly specializes in Neurology medical billing. They ensure your practice’s every claim is processed accurately and efficiently while promoting better business decisions with detailed reporting and transparent practices.

Services provided by Solutions for Medical Billing Inc;

1· RCM for Single & Group Practices

2· Telehealth Coding

3· Specialty Medical Billing

4· Neurology Medical Billing

5· EHR Services

6· Consultation Services for Practice Enhancement

7· Credentialing

8· Contract Evaluation

9· Medical Coding Services

10· Practice Management Software Optimization

What Sets SMB Apart from Other Famous Medical Billing Companies in Texas?

The experienced and specialized billing staff trained specifically in Neurology billing is what makes SMB Inc. better than others. Where coding and claim clearance are difficult for Neurology Billing with the constantly updating regulations and codes, SMB Inc. has experts who stay updated in this particular niche. 

Their platform, proven to work seamlessly with any Neurology practice in the United States, ensures smooth integration with your existing EMR and Practice Management software, eliminating the need for costly transitions. They handle every aspect of your medical billing, from charge entry and revenue management to customer service by handling patient inquiries and collection management.

When it comes to compliance and pricing for your complete peace of mind, SMB Inc., is HIPPA compliant and their charges are based on a percentage of collected revenue with no hidden fees. All these qualities make SMB a wise choice among other medical billing companies in Texas, but the shortcoming is that it is best only for Neurology practices. It’s always better and recommended to hire a medical billing service that offers expertise in your specialty in order to avoid any coding mistakes, delayed payments, or rejected claims.

5. Onion Creek Medical Billing, LLC

This company stands fifth among our top medical billing companies in Texas with its specialized mental health medical billing services and a strong emphasis on client-oriented care. Unlike other medical billing companies in Texas, Onion Creek’s comprehensive range of services is designed to integrate seamlessly with your practice without adding any additional burden.

Onion Creek Medical Billing, LLC Offers the Following Services;

1. Personalized medical billing services for mental health providers

2. Integration with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems

3. Collecting patient insurance information and inputting it into EHR

4. Providing eligibility of benefits for patients

5. Tracking prior authorization requirements and visit quantities

6. Filing insurance claims for patients, including primary and secondary claims

7. Filing adjustment claims as needed

8. Updating software with each claim summary received

9. Credentialing assistance for solo practitioners, new groups, and individual practitioners joining existing groups

10. Additional services include EHR setup, clearing house setup or adjustment, NPI requests or updates, and CAQH updates.

What Sets Onion Creek Apart from Other?

This magnificent medical billing company in Texas is led by a Certified Professional Biller (CPB) Jarrod Cole who gained comprehensive experience by working with independent mental health practices. This testifies that Jarrod has a keen eye for struggles and complexities that a mental health practice can come across with. Jarrod’s background in office management for a psychotherapy practice is a plus that gives him a unique perspective and understanding of the needs of mental health practitioners.  

This deep knowledge about the complexities faced by nephrology practices makes Onion Creek a top choice for those looking for professional assistance. But the same perk at the same time can be considered as the company’s shortcoming for diverse medical practices has no scope with Onion Creek Medical Billing, LLC. However, with their commitment to personalized services and simple rates per insurance session, this company stands among the top 5 medical billing companies in Texas.


To wrap up the discussion, outsourcing to medical billing companies in Texas has become a necessity to successfully manage the complexities of continuously updating regulations and billing codes. 

When selecting a company for RCM and medical billing in Texas, make sure to consider some key factors. These factors include checking whether the company’s services align with your practice, whether they are HIPPA compliant to protect your data, whether they are experienced and have certified coders and billers, and whether they remain updated on Texas medical billing laws and codes regulations or not!

You can easily find all this expertise in the above-mentioned top 5 medical billing companies in Texas, so don’t trust any amateur or inexperienced company with your practice’s success. Always choose the best to get the best results.



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